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Our extensive range of EMI Power Filters are designed to keep projects on-track and on-budget.

Businesses large and small will benefit from our products’ compact design which allow for easy and fast installation. Plus, all our EMI power filters come with a vast choice of fittings enabling you to use your preferred connection. These include: Faston, screw, wire and terminal.

Our EMI power filters are geared to help electronics run efficiently and ensure fewer interruptions, subsequently boosting productivity. Using filters means that downtime and maintenance costs are dramatically reduced, helping every project manage costs efficiently.

Where we do it: The industries we supply

CD Automation are based in the UK

Our products and applications can be found in vast and varied industries and businesses, including:

  • automotive, defence, aerospace and transportation such as air, sea and rail;
  • education establishments;
  • food and beverage businesses;
  • manufacturing operations such as glass and ceramics, plastics and rubber, pulp, paper and textiles;
  • chemical and pharmaceutical companies;
  • building and construction projects, including heating, ventilation and air-con suppliers;
  • businesses that use ovens, furnaces and kilns and even power generation, waste and waste-water management providers.

How we do it: Our commitment to you

We’re dedicated to delivering superb quality and reliable thyristor products and an excellent customer service. In fact, we’ve even created a ‘Customer Guarantee Scheme’ – an in-house initiative which focuses our operations on giving all our customers the very best product supply, product support and communication experience.

As part of this service, we offer extended warranty opportunities, fixed pricing promises for up to three years, a product-upgrade program and very competitive pricing for multiple-product orders. In turn, we guarantee same-day or next-day delivery for products in-stock and for those that aren’t – we’ve a ten day maximum.

Our team are ready to take your initial enquiry now and offer indispensable and expert advice to help make your decision on the right product for your project. There’s no obligation, just intelligent recommendations. You can speak to them now by calling +44 1323 811100 or email us.


Using an ac power line filter can remove interference produced by renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels, produce electricity based on the present environment. The electricity that is produced by renewables is not consistent and varying conditions can make the current fluctuate. This fluctuation can cause dangerous noise frequencies to be produced also known as electromagnetic interference (EMI). Supplying the grid with dirty electricity (electricity containing high levels of EMI) results in emission fines. However this outcome can be avoided by installing an ac power line filter. Power filtering the electricity generated by renewables will remove harmful interference from entering the grid. This creates cost savings as a result from fewer fines. For the best performance an ac power line filter should be installed directly after the electricity is generated and also just before the connection to the grid.

EMI suppression filters can remove industries biggest interference issue

Believe it or not; long electrical cables have the power to cause the biggest interference mayhem in industry. Live cables have the ability to create a magnetic field around the whole length of the cable which attracts and conducts electromagnetic interference from the surrounding area. Conducted interference can stream directly into electrical instruments where it can the damage internal circuits and create malfunctions. Long cables also have the ability to transmit conducted interference into radiated interference, acting as an aerial. This interference can travel through the air to entirely different parts of your process where it conducts and causes further damage. However there is a solution. Installing EMI power filters at different sections your process will minimise any build-up of interference reducing all types of electrical noise. By implementing power filtering techniques you will gain improvements in immunity, performance and efficiency across your whole process.

Drastically reduce conducted interference by EMI filtering your process

Conducted interference consists of high magnetic frequencies that pass through cables from one appliance to another. This interference type differs from radiated interference as it doesn’t travels by conduction and not through the air. Conducted interference has a direct pathway to the internal circuits, allowing electromagnetic interference to be streamed straight to the core workings of your instruments. This can cause all kinds of malfunctions which could result in batch failures, system lock outs and increases in downtime. To deal with this we have a range of high performance EMI power filters that will remove electrical noise from your process. These noise filters should be fitted directly after the source of the interference and also just before sensitive instruments in your system. By EMI filtering you ensure that conducted interference gets extracted from your process so that your instruments can run without interruption.

Transform your noisy environment by RFI filtering

Noisy environments are defined as areas which have high levels of interference of both the radiated and conducted forms. Within these areas it is likely to find faulty electronics and also a high level of internal degrading to circuit boards. Noisy environments will typically experience more frequent periods of downtime along with higher maintenance costs over the course of a year. However by implementing EMI suppression filters into your process a noisy environment can be transformed into a highly efficient and fully functioning system. Electrical filters remove the harmful noise frequencies (also known as interference or harmonics) from the electrical supply meaning connected instruments run off noise free electricity. Benefits that are produced from this practise are things like: longer living instruments, reduction in system errors such as lockouts and increase accuracy of display and monitoring equipment. Not to mention downtime and maintenance reductions that produce further savings.

EMI power filters will increase your systems overall efficiency

Dirty electricity that has high quantities of harmful frequencies can damage the way electrical machines and equipment function making them inefficient at the duties. Take for example a temperature controller. If its voltage supply consists of dirty electricity carrying harmful frequencies, then it could start displaying the wrong temperature and sending incorrect signals to heating machinery. This may well lead to higher fuel costs, overheating and batch failures all due to an error caused by interference. The solution to avoid this sort of outcome is to install an EMI suppression filter to the input supply. This will create immunity from electrical noise that has been conducted or radiate from other parts of your process. These electrical filters work by grounding frequencies that are above or below a safe frequency band. This produces a noise free electricity supply meaning instruments will work more accurately reducing fuel prices and increasing efficiency in your process.

Electrical filters provide safety for both man and machine

Safety critical processes and medical applications both rely on high standards in precision, control and security. Interference can have detrimental effects on the health of both man and machine in these applications. In safety critical applications it is important that interference is removed to minimise unforced errors as small errors can produce large costs. Our EMI suppression filters come with a type A option with low capacitance and low leakage current specially designed for safety critical applications. In medical applications it is vital to control and remove interference in order to protect sensitive equipment. Our EMI power filters have a type B option with very low leakage current to meet standards for medical applications. These filters are used for instruments such as heart monitors and respiratory equipment which can be critical for a patient’s wellbeing. Both options maintain a very high attenuation performance for removing interference.

Remove radiated interference from your process with RFI power filters

Electromagnetic radiation consists of various frequencies waves that travel through the air. This radiated interference can be conducted onto cables and fed into instruments. It’s not just electronic machines in your process that can generate and radiate interference. Mobile phones can produce large amounts of interference in the form of radio frequencies. A standard smart phone gives off as much as 1900 MHz of radio waves when making and receiving a call. It only takes one strong radio wave to enter a devices circuit board for it to be disrupted, which could trigger a false alarm or system lock out in your process. By RFI filtering you can prevent EMI radiation by grounding the electrical noise directly after the interference source. Power filtering directly before sensitive instruments to provide immunity. Using our EMI power filters you can protect your process.

Increase your entire systems immunity to interference using EMI Power filters

Immunity filtering involves increasing your devices protection against interference. Interference can be a real nightmare especially if your instruments immunity is low. It can cause irregularities and errors to occur. By EMI filtering you are ensuring that no harmful frequencies can disrupt the normal operation of that device. Improvements in immunity can not only reassure you about your process working efficiently and effectively but it can also make you more confident about the accuracy of the results and readings that you acquire from those instruments. Power filtering can greatly increase the immunity of not only an individual instrument but also the immunity of your entire system. This produces less internal degrading across your entire process resulting in maintenance savings and less down time.